Image of Wills Memorial Building taken at dusk

Roger James Hinchliffe Photography


Hello and thank you for visiting the website of Roger James Hinchliffe Photography.

I'm Roger and I earn my living as a professional photographer doing what all photographers do with a camera; capturing a moment. For me though, that moment isn't about a specific date or time; it's all about the emotion. I want the viewer to enter my images to feel what I felt when I took them; the warmth, the cold, the smell, the serenity, the humour, the fragility…..the beauty of the Natural World.

If I can convey the serenity of an empty beach, the fragility of a wind-blown flower or the grassy smell of a calf's breath then I've accomplished my goal - until the next time!

Please take some time to view my galleries and immerse yourself in the wonders of England's West Country and get up close to some captivating and curious cows!